Terms and Conditions

 All services offered by Live Fit Studio are based on the following terms and conditions.
1. All prices are per person in CHF.
2. The selected subscription entitles the holder to the agreed training lessons. All classes are led by certified trainers within the premises of Live Fit Studio. 
3. In case a regular instructor is unable to teach a prescheduled class, a replacement can be provided by trainers working in the studio. Client preferences are considered as much as possible but specific instructors are not guaranteed.
 4. Cancellation of a booked class must be done at least 12 hours in advance, otherwise the lesson will be charged.
5. Unused training hours of a subscription cannot be refunded.
6. The validity of 3 or 6 months is mandatory.
7. In the event of a training interruption due to illness / accident, the customer will be granted a time credit if the contraception has lasted for at least seven (7) days and proof is provided by submitting a medical certificate. The time credit due to illness / accident takes place for the duration of the illness / convalescence, for a maximum of 6 months. A monetary refund of a time credit is expressly excluded.
8. All subscription are non transferable. 
9. In the event of a change of location of Live Fit Studio during the term of this agreement within the city of Zurich, no claims or claims can be asserted. 
10. Live Fit Studio cannot be held responsible for business interruptions as a result of force majeure.
11. Live Fit Studio accepts no liability for the loss of personal effects or valuables on its premises.
12. There is an ongoing obligation for the client to report any new health restrictions that have not already been noted in the health certificate when first completed. For consequential damages due to unreported health restrictions no liability is accepted.
13. The terms and conditions also apply to all trainings with other coaches within the premises of Live Fit Studio.
14.   All classes/abos must be paid in full in advance.
15. By accepting these terms and conditions, agreement is expressly declared. It is further confirmed that all information has been truthfully filled out.
16. The exclusive place of jurisdiction for this agreement is Zurich, Swiss law applies.