Paloma discovered Pilates while wanting get back in shape after having kids. She loved Pilates from the start and quickly realized that it is perfect for strengthening and toning the body, which led her to undertake a comprehensive instructor training with Pilates Swiss. Paloma teaches with enthusiasm and aims to inspire students in an upbeat and personal atmosphere.

Opening Live Fit is a dream come true for Paloma as she has a strong desire to help her students develop optimal health and vitality in their lives.

Classes are in EN/SP


Sport, movement and dance have accompanied Claudia since her earliest childhood. In autumn 2003 she attended her first Power Yoga lesson and was immediately enthusiastic about the possibilities yoga offers. Through regular practice she gained not only physical strength and fitness but also flexibility, softness and inner peace. Claudia has been teaching at Birthlight since 2007. Her classes are dynamic and invigorating.

Classes are in DE/EN


Nicola Gravante was born in Switzerland, where his passion for dance started at an early age when he took his first ballet class at 11 years old. After graduating from a performing arts school in Vienna, he performed in many musicals across Europe. Nicola was first inspired by the benefits and completeness of Pilates following a knee injury, which helped with his recuperation. Since then, he has received Pilates teacher training and has extensive awareness of the human anatomy.

In his classes, Nicola ensures with positive energy that the clean work and precision of the Pilates method is maintained and improved a little more everytime. He offers private and group classes in IT/EN/DE/FR.


Jeff grew up in Zurich, where he now works as a journalist. He first realized how great one feels after yoga around 14 years ago and found himself rediscovering its power whenever he needed extra strength, be it to sit at a desk a little longer or to smile in the face of adversity.

During a stay in Houston he had the opportunity to complete the teacher training in Pralaya yoga under Robert Boustany. Focusing on proper alignment of the body, Pralaya creates flexibility through strength while ensuring joint longevity.

Jeff teaches an approachable style, focusing on those parts of ourselves that tend to get short shrift in daily life.
Classes are in EN/DE


Lygia is a keen sportswoman having been a competitive swimmer, ski instructor, triathlete and now a Yoga teacher. 

 Lygia´s teaching style is influenced mainly by Vinyasa, Hatha and more recently Katonah Yoga. Lygia´s classes are authentic as she seeks to bring about accessible, safe and fun Yoga flow for all age groups and levels. Her classes go beyond the physical - she teaches that what we learn on the mat is only preparation for everything off the mat.

“I am particularly enthusiastic about the power of the ‘Yoga Community’. We are all unique, coming in all shapes and sizes, from different backgrounds and being of varying ages – and yet when practising Yoga in a community, we all share a similar experience that has the power to establish long-lasting positive relationships with likeminded people.”


In her childhood Diana spent several years practicing ballet & jazz dance. Later, she discovered Yoga & Pilates for herself, which soon became a passion.

After many years in the area of marketing and communication, as well as the break as a mother, she decided to turn her passion and love into a career.

With full passion and conviction, she completed her full 450 hour Pilates teacher training course and now enjoys bringing her passion to life teaching.

Classes are in DE / EN