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Live Fit Studio is a wellness oasis dedicated to supporting your life & vitality.

We offer pilates reformer, pilates, various styles of yoga, barre and personal training in Altstetten, Zurich. Be it the challenge of pilates, the tranquility of yoga or the energy of barre, we have what you need to build a balanced fitness workout program that supports your life and routine. We also offer massage therapy and holistic therapies to support your holistic health.

It all started with a question that we asked ourselves: How can I live fit? It may seem like a simple question, although it is far easier to ask than to answer. So we set about trying to find answers to this question. After all, fitness is more than just a gym membership - it is a lifestyle. Given the daily challenges that each of us face, we know that ease and convenience is key to success. That’s why we have gathered together complementing workouts so that you can get a complete fitness experience in one place. We are passionate about fitness and wellness and invite you for the journey. 


Our next Yoga and Chocolate brunch is on September 5th. 

Stretching workshops will recommence in September. Dates to follow soon.

Swiss Kombucha drinks and Mono shots are now available at the studio.


Location and Contact

Meier-Bosshard-Strasse 12

Zurich 8048, CH

Tel: 078 683 3169

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